- Where are you based? -
  Riviera Dogs are based in Torbay & regularly travel all over the UK ( happy to go further! )
- Booking the band. - 
  When booking the band please could you tell us the following information - venue, number of               people & if it is a marquee or indoors.
- The dress code. -
   No matter what the occasion we dress to impress.
- How much space do you need? -
   We require 6m wide by 4m deep 
- How long do you need to set up? -
   We require 2 hours to set up and sound check the band
(Depending on venue access maybe longer)
- What do you require at the venue? -
  A flat 6m wide by 4m deep to perform.
  A clean electrical supply consisting of a minimum of 4 x 13 amp sockets near the stage area, not shared with any catering or lighting etc. 32 amp Preferred
(if generator 32 amp supply only 10KW Minimum)
   A changing Room ( Lockable if possible ) 
- Do we need to book a DJ? - 
  We have a couple of playlists ready to go pre selected for pre show, interval & after the band has             finished if you require a DJ please let us know as we can provide this at an extra cost.